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Your Tablecloth Terms and Conditions of Use

In the event that our Store sends incorrect merchandise or mistakenly omits merchandise from an order, we will make reasonable effort to replace or refund such merchandise, subject to the following limitations:

  1. The Customer is solely responsible for inspecting and confirming that received merchandise matches invoiced merchandise as soon as it is delivered. The Customer acknowledges that failure to make this effort upon receipt of the goods shall be considered negligence by the Customer, who thereby forfeits any and all rights to resolution of claims for missing or incorrect merchandise.
  2. The Customer releases from any obligation to replace, refund or accept returns on incorrect merchandise, or validate and send merchandise for missing item claims, after 15 days from the initial delivery of the order.
  3. The Customer releases from any obligation to meet customer deadlines with shipments of replacement or missing items and agrees that it is the Customer's sole responsibility to sufficiently plan for time-sensitive events with proper contingency for such errors.
  4. Replacements for missing items will be sent at the sole discretion of, based on a reasonable analysis of the circumstances presented in the claim given by the Customer, that may include consideration of potential fraud. The Customer agrees to accept our's decision not to send missing items, if determines the missing item claim is invalid, and waives any and all rights to reimbursement or compensation in any form.
  5., in its sole discretion, will only send replacement merchandise by UPS Ground (or the equivalent "ground" service method of a reputable shipping carrier). Missing merchandise will be sent by the same shipping service method from the original invoice between our Store and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that our Store will not, for any reason, be responsible for additional expedited shipping costs or insurance for replacement or missing items beyond the terms explained herein.
  6. may, in its sole discretion, choose not to have incorrect merchandise returned prior to issuing a refund or replacement items, of which decision the Customer will be notified in writing.
  7. Any and all other aspects of the order error claim process shall be governed by the Return Policy and Shipping Policy unless the Customer is otherwise notified in writing by
  8. is not responsible for any furniture/decor that may get scratched/discolored and/or damaged that comes in contact with our tablecloths/table linen etc..